@MosaicManNYC- Jim Power - Every time I see one of these tiled lamp posts it brings back vivid memories of being in my late teens and hanging out in the east village for the first time. From the very start NYC was like a drug and I was an addict. Depending on who you ask the years haven’t been kind to the city I fell in love with. The rents are way up, but crime is way down. Due to budget cuts music and art programs in schools are on the chopping block, but art in the city somehow seems to be on the rise. Manhattan’s Lower East Side is officially one of the city’s go to neighborhoods for art galleries. As of 2011, the web site Lower East Side New York has roughly 70 galleries listed and it seems as though a new gallery is opening every other day. When I saw Mr. Powers still creating this past weekend, it gave me a bit of hope that the city that I call home hadn’t fully lost it’s way. According to Power’s web site, not only is he not slowing down in the East Village, he’s also spreading out to the West Village. I took the first shot while holding my camera, my bicycle and eating a slice of pizza. Jim Power and his beautiful mosaics definitely deserved my undivided attention. I immediately made a plan to spend a bit more time and take some photos of his older work and some of the newer stuff. I’m really glad I did.